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Mobile Dapps – the Future of Blockchain?

Mobile gambling is a huge niche that remains yet to be tapped completely. The internet traffic generated from mobile platforms continues to be on the rise while having already surpassed the desktop platforms generated traffic in 2016. With 68% of all internet traffic being mobile devices generated, the niche is full of potential.

Recognizing this potential, iDice has created the world’s first mobile gambling Dapp. iDice aims to divest the blockchain gambling of its current limitations, which include blockchain gambling only existing on desktop platforms, thus forcing the users to deal with the cumbersome and unoptimized mobile versions of desktop apps in order to play any of these games.

The mobile gambling segment is a huge market and full of potential. Despite all this, there has been a conspicuous absence of the blockchain gambling sphere in this space. iDice hopes to capitalize on this opportunity to basically monopolize this huge market that everyone else has been ignoring. The monopoly sure will not last forever but will definitely give them all the time required to develop their platform further by introducing other game types. This move will also give iDice years of headstart over the competition, which will ultimately enable them to develop the iDice brand as the leader of mobile gambling.

The most important aspect of iDice is the transparency and safety it offers in all its functions. The source code is open source and can be easily accessed on The platform is also completely trustless as everything is coded on the smart contract and running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Further, the platform is completely secure and immune to hacking as the players are not required to make any deposits or provide sensitive information to iDice. The absence of any server architecture, unlike in a traditional online gambling site, further allows the platform to be completely fair and transparent. The use of third parties like also ensures that the platform remains provably fair.

The crypto community has already embraced iDice. iDice was already the fastest growing gambling game in the history of the industry with having generated $300,000 in user profits during the first 2 months. But with having just concluded their widely successful ICO, the platform is definitely making all the right moves.